moon in blue sky at dusk with sea and beach
moon in blue sky at dusk with sea and beach

Dave Bennett

A photographer based in the Manchester area of the United Kingdom. Working in photography and education for over twenty five years. He has worked on commissions and collaborations supporting creative artists, designers, composers and craftspersons. His work has been exhibited in the United Kingdom, internationally and the USA.

Projects/Collaborations/Group Projects

The Photo Grid Project 2023 - Halifax:

In Search of Urban Happiness: with Dave Allen

Hidden Place Project: Eye of the River Video with Jill Randall

New Roles for Old Toys: Photography with Alan Birch

The Truth is out There: Photography with Alan Birch

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Recent Exhibitions

Dark Peak Photo Festival Glossop: Walking to the Coasts & Open Call: Feb2024

Lancashire Photofestival Preston: Hit Singles: June 2023

Altrincham Arts Festival Into The Wild, Trans Pennine Walk: June 2023

Lancashire Photofestival Preston: Beauty Spots: April 2021

Float Magazine JKCGallery (now MCC) New Jersey, The Road: Feb 2020

BlackBox Gallery Portland, Oregon: Fieldwork Landscape Architecture: July 2019

Root Studios Brooklyn The Printswap Exhibition New York: Dec 2018

Berlin Blue Art Gallery The PrintSwap Exhibition Berlin: April 2018

Carlisle Photo Festival Visualising the home:VallumGallery: July 2017

The Center for Fine Art Photography Colorado, Faux: April 2016

The Center for Fine Art Photography Colorado, Simply: Feb 2016

BlackBox Gallery Portland, Landscape Photography Now: Jan 2016

BlackBox Gallery Portland, Color Photography: A Picture Show: Dec 2015

LightBox Gallery Astoria, Beauty Where You Find It Dec 2015

1650 Gallery Los Angeles, The Darkside, Oct 2015

Fifth Annual Exposure Awards: SeeMe Exhibitions Louvre, Paris July 2013

Carlisle Photo Festival 2014 Americana: Nov 2014

Local Creation Studios Altrincham, Disappearance: Oct 2014

1650 Gallery Los Angeles, Instagram Photography: Sept 2014

Open Shutter Gallery Durango CO, Exposure: Dec 2013

Altrincham Arts Festival Altrincham, 53 Views: 17 Oct 2013

BlackBox Gallery Portland, Oregon: Contemporary Portraiture Sept 2013

ViewPoint Gallery Halifax, Canada: August 2013

Darkroom Gallery Essex Junction, Vermont, City: July 2013

Crown Gallery Carlisle, Visualising the Rural: July 2013

Image New Mexico 2013 Matrix Gallery, Albuquerque: June 2013

Carlisle Photo Festival In Search Of Space: Crown Gallery: April 2013

JIll Randall minature shed sculpture
JIll Randall minature shed sculpture
woman paying cash to cartoon bob the builder outside new home
woman paying cash to cartoon bob the builder outside new home